3D Laser Scanning Tank Services

Together with Novlum uniTank Technology

PALA is proud to offer 3D Laser Scanning services for aboveground storage tanks of any size. Save time, money, and reduce personnel exposure with fast, expert support.

Aboveground Storage Tank 3D Analysis and Inspection

With laser scanning technology from Novlum uniTank, PALA can conduct an aboveground storage tank analysis and inspection within a matter of hours, giving you timely data to make the right decisions for your tank maintenance and assessments. 3D Laser Scanning services can be included with our standard tank repair services, and can accurately and efficiently give you the data you need for:

  • Documenting existing tank conditions
  • Fit for Service studies
  • Tank teardowns and total rebuilds

Novlum uniTank laser scanning technology quickly and efficiently captures hundreds of millions of data points to scan your entire aboveground storage tank using precise dimensional and configuration data.

Buckled shell 3D laser scan.
Aboveground storage tank analysis and inspection.
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  • Code compliance for peaking, banding, verticality, and roundness
  • Shell condition assessments
  • Foundation settlement surveys during hydrotest/
    staged loading
  • Existing bottom surveys for slope or settlement
  • Tank strapping/calibration right from the 3D imagery

  • Roof structure surveys for columns, girders, and
  • Rim space survey for optimum seal selection
  • Floating roof simulations and functionality
  • Secondary containment volumetric and drainage
    studies for earthen or concrete dikes

Why Choose 3D Laser Scanning?

PALA can include 3D Laser Scanning with your standard aboveground tank repair services, which is unique to the industry. With high-resolution laser scanning technology from Novlum uniTank, you will receive accurate data on your aboveground tanks, enabling you to make smart, real- time decisions.

  • 3D Laser Scanning is a safer and faster option than traditional inspection methods.
  • Inspection and analysis can be quickly completed from the ground even in low- visibility situations, reducing both personnel exposure and scheduled tank downtime.
  • PALA’s expert engineers can further save you money and time by conducting an additional tank analysis using the high-resolution 3D imagery without having to return to the site.
  • Easily isolate tank deficiencies and find the root cause of problems — helping you avoid unnecessary, costly, and time-consuming repairs, and enabling you to quickly catch deficiencies that would lead to more detrimental incidents in the future.
Exterior 3D laser scan of an aboveground storage tank.
Shell intensity scan.
3D Laser Scanning for Your Aboveground Tanks

Make informed decisions about the performance of your aboveground storage tanks with real-time, accurate data. Contact our team of experts at PALA to get started today!

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