Steam System Optimization

Steam System Optimization

As energy costs rise and emissions goals tighten, today’s Process Industries are looking for ways to reduce energy costs and improve efficiencies. Steam Trap Station Management is a crucial part of meeting your goals to reduce costs and emissions at your facility. A quality Steam Trap Station Management program can have a return on investment of less than a year. Continuous monitoring of the system can assure you that it is working at peak efficiency. Some common problems with underperforming steam systems are:


  • Heating Bottlenecks
  • Reduced Product Quality
  • Unscheduled Shutdowns
  • Equipment Trips and Failures
  • Slippery Work Areas
  • Condensate Management

Failures in a Steam System can result in real economic losses. For example, based on 350,000 surveyed trap benchmark data and a Co2 conversion factor of 0.146 lb-Co2/lb steam (natural gas) you can expect:

  • 1,500k lb/yr average steam loss for every 100 steam traps.
  • 24% average failure (9% blocked, 15% leaking). Your goal should be to have no more than 3% failure rate in the system.
  • High Life Cycle Costs from frequently failing Trap Stations.
  • 220k lb/yr Co2 emissions for every 100 steam traps due to failure steam loss.

Steam System Repair & Maintenance

In partnership with Moody Price and TLV, PALA utilizes TLV’s TMS, Trap Management System which helps you eliminate inefficiencies and run your facility at optimal performance. Trapman, the core technology behind TLV’s Best Practice of Steam Trap Management, offers the latest Inspection, Reporting & Maintenance Support Program to eliminate frequent problems. Once a survey has been completed we can take the data and provide overall failure analysis, hidden problem analysis and recommendations related to temperature, pressure specifications and replacement model for each failed location. Some Specific information we capture includes:

  • Steam Trap Number
  • Steam Trap details including manufacturer, model number, casting material, etc.
  • Steam Trap map
  • Maximum and Minimum Capacity
  • Connection Size

Additionally, as a licensed Industrial & Mechanical Contractor with the credentials to work in the most demanding facilities, PALA can perform a wide variety of services to repair and maintain your entire steam system. Incorrect steam trap installation is the leading cause of premature failure and increases the cost to repair or replace. We can perform most any task required to bring your Steam System back up to optimal performance from steam trap replacement to a complete re-work of the System’s piping and fittings.

What Can PALA Construct for You?

Whether you have a question about our solutions, our service areas, or our fabrication capabilities, the PALA team is here to help. Leave us a message and one of our team members will be in touch as soon as possible.

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