“Industrial construction” is a broad term, and not everyone knows what it means. If you’re looking for an expert construction partner, it’s important to know that you’re looking at qualified candidates, especially if your industry has to meet certain regulations or your application has unique needs that present complex construction situations.

Here’s what you need to know about what an industrial construction company does, from the services they provide to the industries they serve. 

What is industrial construction?

Industrial construction is a kind of commercial construction (construction for a money-making business, as opposed to residential construction of homes or infrastructure construction of roadways and other such public-use structures). 

It refers specifically to construction for manufacturing and heavy industrial applications—think factories, mills, oil refineries, pipelines, or applications using heavy equipment.

These industrial applications have different challenges and complexities than other forms of commercial construction, such as building retail stores or restaurants, due to the heavy equipment in use, as well as legal and environmental safety requirements. Additionally, manufacturing and production facilities have unique needs in terms of piping, pressurized containers, bulk storage of chemicals, and more that require specialized solutions.

Industrial construction may also require offshore construction, particularly for energy installations like oil platforms or wind turbines. Offshore construction has particular safety and ecological concerns, as well as engineering challenges due to the need to create structures that can withstand the water and weather.

What services do industrial construction companies provide?

Industrial construction companies provide what we would typically think of as “construction” services: building facilities like factories and laboratories and warehouses. But industrial construction doesn’t stop at buildings. Industrial construction companies also build aboveground storage tanks and pressure vessels, install mechanical piping systems, set equipment, and more.

Additionally, due to the heavy load industrial sites bear from their equipment and machinery, the construction of buildings like factories and warehouses can require additional services, like helical pile installation (which strengthens and deepens building or equipment foundations) or specialized erosion control. 

The use of potentially hazardous chemicals and substances in industrial applications means that solutions are required to contain these substances, both in terms of primary containment (e.g., in an aboveground storage tank) and secondary containment, which protects the environment in case of a failure of the primary containment method.

Not all industrial construction companies provide all of these services, however. Many industrial construction companies specialize, either in specific services offered or in the needs of a specific industry. Some industrial construction companies may focus on the oil and gas industry, for example, while others may focus on providing just helical pile solutions or plastic pipe systems.

Some industrial construction companies may offer additional, related services. PALA Interstate, for example, not only fabricates and installs aboveground storage tanks, but we also offer maintenance and repair services, along with 3D laser scanning services for tank inspection.

What industries do industrial construction companies serve?

Industrial construction companies work with clients in a variety of industries, depending on their location and specialties. 

Some examples of industries that use industrial construction services include

  • Petrochemical
  • Fertilizer
  • Agriculture
  • Chemical
  • Refining
  • Energy
  • Bulk liquid terminals
  • Government and municipalities
  • Mining
  • Water treatment
  • Food and beverage

This list is certainly not exhaustive. There are many applications that require the specialized knowledge and expertise of industrial construction companies.

What does an industrial construction company do?

To wrap it all up, an industrial construction company provides construction services for manufacturing, energy, and other heavy industrial applications. These services can include erecting factories and other buildings and more specialized services like installing mechanical piping systems or fabricating aboveground storage tanks. If your application requires the use of heavy equipment or you have other industry-specific requirements for your construction project, you’ll need to work with an industrial construction company.

As an industrial construction company, we on the PALA team understand that it can be tough to find the construction professionals you need to complete a complex job properly. Here, you’ll find we offer the very best in technology, service, and safety. For more information, or to get help with your upcoming industrial construction project, get in touch with our team