PALA self-performs construction in a number of disciplines including mechanical, piping, civil, structural steel, boilers, and AQC.  PALA performs projects on a lump-sum & cost-plus basis.  PALA serves the petro-chemical, food and beverage, and power industries.

PALA maintains permanent staff and alliance contracts in a number of client facilities in the petrochemical and process industries to perform capital construction projects as well as plant tank maintenance. PALA has extensive experience performing small and large capital projects inside operating units. For our alliance contracts, our focus is on the reduction of client total installed cost and minimizing the opportunity for unsafe conditions during construction and operation. To that end, PALA utilizes a number of unique processes & programs to meet that goal including:

  • Unit Price Cost Management

  • Constructability Database

  • Key performance Indicator Measurement

  • Immediate Cost & Schedule Reporting and Cost Forecasting

  • Productivity Measurement and Forecasting