OSBL Piping for Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel← Return to projects list

  • Client:
  • Year completed: 2006
  • Location: Norco, LA
  • Service type: General Construction

About the project

Pala performed this scope of work peaking at 150 craftspeople working in a spread out environment throughout the clients out of battery limits process piping systems and performed several tie ins to existing operating units. 

Pala performed 208 Piping tie ins to eight different operating units and other logistics areas of the facility.  We installed all piping, pumps and equipment associated with the tie ins. 65% of the tie ins were performed during the main plant turnaround. Pala also performed Civil work to support new pumps, structural steel and pipe supports.

Another contractor was originally awarded the project and had fell behind schedule. The client turned to Pala to make up the difference, which included all of the 208, tie ins and half of the DHT Unit. As a result of Pala’s involvement, the client was able to comply with the delivery of the federal government deadline.