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  • Client:
  • Year completed: 2006
  • Location: Convent, Louisiana
  • Service type: General Construction

About the project

In 2006, Pala performed a wet gas scrubber at Motiva’s Convent, Louisiana facility. The project had an initial value of $6 million, but as other contractors fell behind schedule, Pala assumed additional phases of the project for a total of $18 million. When Pala assumed responsibility for completion of the project, erection of the vessel was 66 days behind schedule. Initially scheduled to work five 10-hour shifts weekly, Pala worked seven, 12-hour shifts per week, plus eight weeks of day and night shifts. Despite a four-week delay in materials delivery and the issuance of 817 drawings after field installation had begun, the Company regained 35 of the 66 days by the time of the project’s completion.

The Company staffed 11 disciplines at the project’s peak, and completed the project with less than 1% craft rework and out performed client productivity expectations by 20%, despite a workforce that was significantly depleted as a result of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Pala and its subcontractors completed more than 300,000 man hours without a recordable injury, making it the only contractor involved in the project to do so.

As a result of its excellent performance on the wet gas scrubber project, Pala was recognized by both Motiva and Jacobs for its employees’ attitudes, honesty, integrity and commitment to safety. To quote Jacobs project manager, Kenneith Conoly, “It is clear that honesty and integrity or core values at Pala.”  The Company received a 200% rating; on the Construction Institute’s project rating index of “World-Class”, from our client for the quality control portion of its work.