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  • Client:
  • Year completed: 2006
  • Location: Baytown, TX
  • Service type: Tanks

About the project

Pala performed this unique job to remove and replace a 3000 lb amonia recovery bladder.  The tank is one of five unique tanks located in the world.  The tank outage cost the client nearly $200,000 per day in lost profits.  The bladder took nearly 180 days to custom fabricate and therefore any damage to the item would be very costly to the client. 

Pala was asked to provide a crew size between 20-30 people per 12 hour shift (night and day shifts) to enter the tank; remove upper and lower tank fenders; remove side panels; unbolt 2000 bolts; remove existing bladder by cutting and removing through top of tank; clean all areas that old bladder touched by scrapping and buffing clean; unfold new bladder without ripping any of the pre-punched bolt holes; install new bladder; silicon all surface areas of bladder; reinstall 2000 bolts; reinstall upper and lower fenders; reinstall tank side panels; air test once complete and re-level bottom piston deck.

The completion of the scope of work took 9 days beating the previous installation time by three days.